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Philosophy Biowellness

You can demand peace here… Silence, birds singing, trees rustling, delicate music… here you will regain your balance. The Debowy offer has been composed in this way so that you can rest and recover strength. Thanks to our space arrangement you can get educated, inspired and motivated to self-regenerate, stay active and develop healthy eating habits.

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Najlepszy Wellness Hotel w Polsce

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Jurorzy docenili wyróżniającą Hotel Dębowy zewnętrzną strefę biowellness, zlokalizowaną w pałacowym, historycznym parku. Tworzy ją Apiforium, czyli unikatowa w skali kraju, saunowa strefa regeneracji i redukcji stresu oraz wyjątkowy biostaw – naturalnie uzdatniany, czynny cały rok zbiornik. Pełni funkcję basenu lub stanowi element chłodzący dla rytuałów i ceremonii saunowych.


Biowellness Zone

This is our Oak area for regeneration and stress relief located In the Palace Park.

The Finnish sauna with capacity of 20 people and deep relaxation studio with a natural atmosphere of essential oils coming from Alps pine, surrounded by relaxation terraces and a bio-pond crucial for improving the immune system and condition of the body.

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in accordance with nature


senseSPA is the first SPA in Poland that uses a combination of the qualities of honey and bee-derived products for health and beauty treatments. Our inspiration comes from the tradition of the region which is famous for honey production.

For our treatments we use also other natural ingredients such as salt, aloe, grapes, chocolate, noble mud and clay as well as herbs.

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Stay at Debowy is not only accommodation.

Apart from relaxation, we also guarantee our Guests extraordinary experiences and a possibility to learn some new skills. Specially-prepared daily schedules include attractions from three different areas: fitness, team-building and education. Together they create an atmosphere of wellness, i.e. relax, fitness and harmony.

This is an inspiring honey tasting, a workshop on healthy lifestyle, morning workout with coach or a mountain hike.

Regardless of your booking type, we have prepared a special dose of powerful experiences for you.


The hotel is surrounded with a gorgeous over 10 hectare large Park. In this green scenery you can rest, relax and regain strength. The surrounding and location of the facility as well as its tradition and historic character of the palace, become an inspiration for biowellness atmosphere and celebration of life in accordance with nature.



We take care of comfortable sleep of our Guests not only by providing comfortable mattresses but also by creating a special atmosphere in the room.

Good sleep is irreplaceable for our body – it has a positive effect on our mood, keeps the body and soul in balance, helps us to be ready for action.

In our Goodnight Sleep Service, we not only watch that the room is aired and dark, the bed made, but we also do our best to prepare for you golden milk, chamomile, a pillow with buckwheat or hay as well as a good book to read that may become your guide to the dreamland.

At Debowy, care for Guests’ sleep is one of our priorities.

Stay tuned for our special offers.
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