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Helicopter Landing site

Hotel Dębowy Biowellness & Spa is a place that offers its guests not only comfortable and stylish rooms, spa relaxation, beautiful surroundings, and delicious meals but also the opportunity to use a helipad.

For those who prefer to travel quickly and conveniently, the hotel has prepared a special helipad that allows guests to arrive directly by helicopter. This unique option provides a comfortable and efficient journey for those traveling by private helicopters.

To take advantage of this convenience, guests are kindly asked to confirm the availability of the helipad and coordinate the details with the hotel's reception. Simply get in touch with the hotel staff to discuss arrival plans and finalize all necessary information.

The helipad at Hotel Dębowy Biowellness & Spa is an excellent amenity for those traveling by private air transport. It offers quick and seamless access to the hotel, allowing guests to arrive in a convenient and extraordinary way.

Tel: +48 884 989 894
Email: recepcja@hoteldebowy.pl


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